Perception of Words Describing Sizes of Groups

By: Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider, Karle Flanagan, and Alpha Phi Omega at The University of Illinois
Created as part of a Data Science INNOVATIONS on:


It is common to describe groups of people at events in vague terms:

Several Illinois students worked on October's service project.
Dozens of APOs study abroad each semester.
A few people carpooled to Chicago this weekend.

As an exploration of Data Science and the power of Data Visualization, nearly a hundred University of Illinois students responded engaged in a Data Science workshop and shared their perception of words describing gatherings of people. The following work shares their perception of the event:

Interact: Tap/hover over any circle to view a single person's response to every phrase.

Related Work

This work and visualization was heavily based off of Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider's Perception of Probability Words visualization from July 2019. The writeup provided on Wade's visualization shares background work in this area.