Gender Diversity of Course Instructors at Illinois

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Within a single semester, it is shockingly common in some majors for the professors of every class you take to be of the same gender. This work examines the campus-wide breakdown of the gender identity of faculty for every course taught during the Fall 2019 semester at the University of Illinois.

: Each circle is a single course.
: Some instructors teach multiple courses in one semester and appear multiple times for each course.
(Our aim is to show how many times you would see someone leading a class.)

For this work we tagged a student's perception of the gender of all of the nearly-3,000 faculty members at Illinois and matched them to the course(s) they are teaching this semester. For example, consider Prof. Karin Jensen who teaches both BIOE 120 and BIOE 202 -- Prof. Jensen leads two courses and appears in the dataset twice, as we would see her during two different class times if we were taking both BIOE 120 and BIOE 202:

: Each circle is a single course.
: Each region/color represents the gender of the instructor teaching the course.
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Gender Diversity by College

The gender diversity of faculty teaching classes offered by departments in each college varies significantly:

Gender Diversity by Department

The gender diversity of faculty in each department, broken down by the courses each instructor teaches:

Datasets Used

Three different data sources were used and combined to generate this visualization:

  1. Illinois' Courses Dataset:
  2. Academic and Administrative Appointments (Gray Book):, to match the full name and faculty rank of course instructors
  3. Manually tagging course instructors by gender