Interactive Classroom Examples for Data Science

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This page provides tools designed for interactive presentations of key topics in Data Science. All tools are designed to fill up an entire web browser screen on a standard projection system with minimal scrolling to maximize the visibility to the audience.

Monty Hall Interactive "Let's Make a Deal" Game

The classic American game show "Let's Make a Deal" was hosted by Monty Hall. In the game show, Monty presents contestants with three doors. Behind one door was a prize and the other two doors contained nothing of value (classically, the TV show had a goat). Once a player has selected a door, Monty reveals a losing door and gives the player the chance to swap doors (changing for their original door to only other unopened door). This game show represents how knowing more about a problem can change the probability of success.

This interactive tool allows the game to be played an infinite number of times by refreshing the page for a new, random game. The random game identifier displayed at the top of the screen encodes the position of the winning door. When reading the number from left-to-right, the first digit that is a 1, 2, or 3 encodes that the winning door.

This interactive tool was used the The University of Illinois' 2020 Annual Faculty Retreat and has been used in STAT 107: Data Science Discovery.

"Birthday Problem" Interactive Calendar

A famous, shocking outcome of statistics is that you only need 23 people in a room to have a greater than 50% chance that two people share a birthday. This interactive tool allows you to visually track birthdays in a room to find out how many people are needed until you find two people who share a birthday.

Used in: STAT 107: Data Science Discovery, STAT 100: Statistics